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A recent article published in Skilled Nursing News (SNN) uncovered two levels of rehab therapy partnership -- Therapy Program Management and Full Service -- allowing facilities to choose the model that fits their specific needs. However, not all therapy providers offer these flexible options. Additionally, SNN interviewed RehabCare Senior Vice President of Quality and Care Management Mary Van de Kamp to gain further insight into how RehabCare has successfully utilized these two partnership offerings to help facilities remain successful during this difficult year for healthcare providers and more specifically, SNFs. She also highlights the industry’s most pressing current therapy needs against the backdrop of today’s challenging environment.

“The flexibility and the fluidity as a partner to understand what the client needs at the time at which they need it, is where you have to be,” Van de Kamp says. “One size does not fit all. We are in an environment where the needs of individual skilled nursing providers are not the same. … And we need to be able to understand what their needs are. A good rehab provider takes responsibilities and worries off your plate.”

This flexibility and fluidity is due to RehabCare's ability to offer different levels of partnership in order to efficiently and cost-effectively help a partner provide vital care to patients through a fully-trained and thoroughly educated team of staff, helping ensure that the facility is prepared for any obstacle ahead.

The Two Levels of Partnership Include:

  1. Therapy Program Management: This relationship is ideal for SNFs that want to focus their outside assistance in key areas, rather than a full suite of support services. Therapy Program Management is a scalable solution – giving SNFs access to the latest education, review and reporting, reducing overall risk and providing access to a team available as needed. Especially during this time of volatility and change, knowing a support team is still available when needed is a great advantage.
  2. Full Service: This allows a facility to completely hand off therapy duties to a partner and benefit on a daily basis from that partner’s expertise. Utilizing a specialized partner can alleviate the burden of running rehab, including some of the most challenging aspects: recruitment, staffing, appeals and denials. It also allows SNFs to receive outside assistance on best practices, innovation and technology that would be too expensive and time-prohibitive to develop on their own.

These levels of partnership continue to be interchangeable with a partner's needs as they work through environmental obstacles, regulatory changes, staffing challenges and more. RehabCare supports SNF partners through program development, innovation, technology and support for claims denials and appeals and continues to adjust partnership methods to comply with the ever-changing environment.

Read Skilled Nursing News’ full article to learn more.

By RehabCare