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Infection control and prevention measures have become more important than ever as facilities work toward providing a safe and healthy care environment for patients and staff through COVID-19 and beyond. There are key measures that can be utilized to help ensure that those within a facility remain safe and the necessary care is provided to allow patients to reach their recovery goals.

Three Infection control measures to maintain during COVID-19 and beyond include:

  1. Increased situational awareness to allow for an accurate and up-to-date view of ongoing COVID-19 infectious disease threats.1 Streamlining communication across the facility will allow nurses and therapists to stay up to date on the latest precautions, therefore consistently providing the right type of care in the safest environment possible.
  2. Utilize the CDC’s COVID-19 Health Care Planning Checklist to prepare and respond to COVID-19.2 This enables a facility’s infection control team or individual to identify specific, recommended CDC actions and adapt those actions to support a facility’s COVID-19 response plan.
  3. Apply risk communication to provide real-time exchange of information and advice between the designated infection control team, facility staff and partners.1 This will allow for informed decisions regarding protective and preventive action.

Implementing these three infection prevention and control measures will prove beneficial for not only the patients and staff, but the facility as a whole as the healthcare industry adapts to new protocols and methods of care during this challenging time.

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