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Methods to Rebuild Trust through COVID-19

By RehabCare

A recent Advisory Board article, “Our Take: How COVID-19 Will Impact Senior Care,” detailed that in their efforts to rebound from COVID-19, SNFs are also working to rebuild trust within the communities they serve by reassuring that the quality of care provided to patients and measures taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment for recovery have not faltered. By doing so, SNFs can strengthen the level of trust between patients, partners and the public.

Advisory Board further stated that 54% of Americans are confident in local nursing homes’ ability to handle the pandemic.

However, even after the pandemic, it will be critical to continue building trust with partners and patients. Strategies that will benefit SNFs in this process include:

  1. Focus on infection control and prevention procedures to help avoid future outbreaks. Implementing these precautions will allow therapists and nurses to continue providing vital care to their patients in a safe recovery environment – keeping patients on track to reach their recovery goals and being discharged back into the community.
  2. Make highly visible changes to demonstrate your commitment to resident, staff and visitor safety. These changes include altered therapy programing and facility flow in response to COVID-19 and infection control measures, as well as implementing education for staff to better understand the impact COVID-19 and social isolation has on their patients.
  3. Welcome support, education and guidance from trusted partners, both to enhance the organization’s clinical capabilities and to improve consumer confidence in patient care. Receiving outside expertise from a partner allows a facility to remain focused on its patients while integrating education, programs and guidelines with proven results from a trusted source.

By following these methods, SNFs can continue to build greater trust with partners and patients while increasing facility operations and improving patient outcomes.


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By RehabCare