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Prior to admitting a patient, a facility must first determine if they meet the proper criteria. Our newest innovative solution, Admit Assist, makes the admission process more efficient and accurate by screening vital patient documentation in real time, benefiting both the facility and its patients.  

Admit Assist:

  • Eliminates the potential for error by automatically scanning the patient’s referral documentation into its system.
  • Eradicates the need for manual entry that could lead to incorrect data submission.
  • Screens necessary patient information including key diagnoses, medications, treatment and precautions.
  • Avoids the possibility of providing the wrong type of care to a patient or treating a patient who doesn’t fit the SNFs operational model.

Admit Assist helps ensure the right patients, who can benefit most from the SNF, are admitted at the right time in their care journey – making it a win-win for the patient and facility.

In addition to our comprehensive screener, we have in-house audit and appeals specialists who work with individual facilities following pre-admission to support the admission process in real time while also completing audits post-discharge and offering support and training around the audit results.

Admit Assist is just another example of how we can aid in the clinical and operational success of your facility, offering a seamless transition from pre-admission to admission. Visit our innovation page to stay up to date on the latest technology further strengthens the rehab and recovery process. 

Read our latest white paper, “Technology for Today’s Rehab and Recovery,” to learn how our innovative technology can benefit your facility.

Admit Assist

By RehabCare