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In her vlog, Sabrena McCarley, RehabCare’s Director of Quality and a board member of the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies (NARA), speaks about the important role occupational therapists (OTs) play during the coronavirus pandemic by adapting to the current restrictions and continuing to ensure their patients are obtaining their highest level of function.

In addition to recognizing the crucial work OTs put forth on a day-to-day basis, Sabrena also cited that the Department of Homeland Security recently recognized this group of people as essential workers, for they have shown firsthand the life changing work they provide to all those in their care.

Sabrena specifically notes that although the time spent on PDPM preparation may have taken a backseat due to COVID-19, PDPM helped OTs prepare for this pandemic by understanding that the patient always comes first. Through collaboration, OTs are able to establish new routines and implement services that best fit the needs of their patients during a time of disruption and stress while still meeting their desired goals.

Operating within a restricted environment has also called for unprecedented creativity on the part of OTs. These psychosocial changes can cause a rift in the patient’s progress and it is the job of the OT and facility to implement alternative options, such as innovative technology and new daily activities, to keep those impacted by this change on track.

NARA offers a variety of resources to help those within the OT field combat this pandemic's impact on their patients. Click here for more information

View Sabrena’s full Vlog, here.

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