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Stronger Together

As a continued commitment to help spread hope and joy during COVID-19, below are more of our “Stronger Together” social distancing resident engagement ideas.


Golf Cart Ice Cream: Deliver ice cream or yogurt to residents door to door in a golf cart while playing the ice cream truck song.

Mobile Library: While visiting resident’s rooms, provide them the opportunity to select books and magazines of their choice.


Family Window Visits: Work with the family of residents to schedule visits through windows and utilize phones or outdoor/indoor intercom system.

Staff Member of the Day: Increase resident’s knowledge of staff by selecting a staff member (or two) and asking them questions on the intercom system. What was their first car, how did they meet their spouse, favorite actor/movie, etc.


Resident Daily Flyers: Every morning provide residents printed cognitive wellness flyers that can contain crossword puzzles, memory exercises and riddles.

Putt-Putt: To help with trunk stability, use a golf putter and a golf ball for resident to play putt-putt. Plastic cups can be used if the facility does not have a putt-putt mat.

We are truly stronger together when we unify our efforts during this uncertain time. Please check back next week for more engagement ideas.

By RehabCare