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Below are some of our “Stronger Together” engagement ideas to keep your residents and facility team members engaged during this challenging time.

Stronger Together

To lift spirits:
Remote Control Cars: Bring in sanitized remote-control cars for your residents to race down the hallway while other residents watch from their doorways. A facility team member can provide “play-by-play” over the intercom.

Window Designs: Write personalized support messages or drawings in vibrant colors on the exterior windows of each resident’s room.

To connect with others:
Hall Line Dancing: Space residents and team members in hallway (appropriately spaced) and encourage dancing. Residents can also request their song of choice to promote engagement.

Resident Quiz: Create teams of residents and have them sit or stand at doorway. A facility team member then asks questions about the other resident (favorite hobby, favorite food, favorite song, etc.). The team with the most questions right wins a prize.

To Facilitate outcomes:
Sling Shot Game: Have patient work on standing balance inside their room by tying a resistance band across a walker or have two team members hold each side of the band. Place a small foam ball in the resistance band for resident to “shoot” across the room with the goal of getting 100 points. Hitting the door/wall is 5 points, hitting a smaller target in the room is 10 points and hitting a therapist is 15 points.

FaceTime Family Therapy: Work with resident’s family to schedule a time to FaceTime with the resident during their exercise plan. Therapy team can encourage participation with the family and resident.

We’re committed to being stronger together. Please check back next week for more engagement ideas.

By RehabCare