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With the importance of social distancing and visitor restrictions, facilities are looking for new ways to keep patients and their loved ones connected during their recovery. RehabCare has developed an app called RehabTracker specifically designed to keep family members and friends engaged in their loved one’s rehabilitation and journey to recovery, even if they can't be physically present.

RehabTracker App Connects Patients to Family and Friends

RehabTracker enables patients to view their goals and track progress while receiving their care in therapy. The display of progress not only motivates the patient, but can also be shared with family and friends.

Patients work with their therapy team to set personal goals in the app; use their cell phones or tablets to see and track their progress in real time; share that progress with invited family and friends; and receive messages of support from loved ones – all in the palm of their hands.

With forward-thinking rehabilitation and intuitive technology like the RehabTracker app, RehabCare therapists are better able to help patients get back to their lives, and patients can remain connected to family and friends no matter the distance.  

There has never been a greater need to integrate technology into patient care, and RehabCare can help your facility meet this need through true partnership and collaboration. For more strategies on how to connect patients with their loved ones, read this guide.

We work with many of the leading health systems across the country to assure regulatory compliance, clinical quality, and clinician and therapist engagement. Request a strategic consultation to learn more about what we offer.

By RehabCare