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The RehabCare therapy team is trained to provide services that result in optimal patient outcomes, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.  In recognizing our vast knowledge base, expertise and experience that we have within our therapists and techs across all lines of business, we’re pleased to announce our New Clinical Coach Program. 

Through this program, and in keeping with our CORE values, we take pride in recognizing our exceptional therapists and assistants and provide them the opportunity to share and further develop their passion, knowledge, and clinical skills through participation in a wide variety of activities on a local or national level, such as:

  • 1:1 clinical support/instruction of a peer
  • Sharing of expertise through coaching, answering questions and sharing best practices
  • Teaching or training (web ex, conference calls, live)
  • Participation in small groups for development of training materials etc.
  • Possible participation in research, pilot programs, authoring of articles etc.

This program provides a pathway for clinical growth and opportunity within the company.

Through the Clinical Coach program, we are also recognizing the amazing talent within our Rehab Techs. The Clinical Coach program provides an opportunity for our Techs to share their knowledge, organizational and technology skills with new or existing staff. Activities focused on the improvement of patient interaction through assisting therapists, restorative nursing and other clinically related tasks are also an important part of this role. 

We encourage our teams to seriously consider applying for our new Clinical Coach program. It not only supports the continued provision of outstanding care and optimal patient outcomes, but will further energize staff, create personal/professional growth and foster a culture of Clinical Excellence for our client partners.

Clinical Coach Program

By Judy Freyermuth, Director of Quality