Technology for Today’s Rehab and Recovery

Driving Superior Outcomes and Fostering Patient Engagement Through Innovation

RehabCare’s suite of technology and digital tools is designed to help our clients through every phase of the patient journey, from making informed admission decisions to ensuring coding accuracy and delivering patient engagement – all supported by a team of trained experts to ensure the tools are used to their fullest potential.

Watch the video below to discover how technology solutions can benefit your facility from admittance to discharge.

Admit Assist

The introduction of our Admit Assist patient screener provides a seamless transition from hospital discharge to facility admission by eradicating the need for manual entry into the facility EMR. This tool eliminates human error, helping to avoid clinical ramifications that could lead to a SNF providing the wrong type of care to a patient. From pre-admission to admission our Admit Assist houses the essential data needed to make informed facility decisions that will positively impact patient outcomes and facility operations.

Admit Assist

Why Admit Assist?

Team TSI MDS Scrubber

Through RehabCare’s alliance with Team TSI, the Team TSI MDS Scrubber delivers the latest in innovation to its skilled nursing facilities in a manner compliant with CMS’ new PDPM framework. Implementing this cutting-edge technology enables clients to efficiently and cost-effectively analyze data and billing, allowing them to remain focused on providing the best care for their patients while ensuring they receive an accurate reimbursement for their services. The Team TSI MDS Scrubber gives our partners an additional tool to increase accuracy, minimize errors and positively affect the care of patients.

Why Team TSI MDS Scrubber?


RehabTracker is a patient engagement app that has transformed the way our partner facilities connect with patients and their families – all from the palm of a hand. This tool has been proven especially vital during times of visitor restrictions and will continue to enhance the way patients connect with loved ones during their rehab journey. In addition, an overwhelming majority of facilities utilizing the RehabTracker app have experienced a 7.9% increase in FIM gain and discharge to the community. With forward-thinking rehabilitation and intuitive technology like our RehabTracker app, our therapists help patients get back to their lives.

What can I expect with RehabTracker?


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