Welcome to RehabCare Plus

At RehabCare PLUS, we enable individuals living in their original homes or in assisted and independent living communities to participate in physical, speech and occupational rehabilitation services, along with preventative wellness programs. Our goal is your goal: To keep or return adults to independence and safely prolong their stay in their current residence.

PLUS = Personal, Local, and Unique Services

Outpatient Therapy Services

The main goals for RehabCare PLUS outpatient services are to restore movement and function, relieve pain, prevent further injury and implement cognition compensatory strategies so each patient can actively age in place while continuing their normal activities of daily living. View a listing of RehabCare PLUS outpatient facilities by state.


Physical Therapy

  • Exercise training to restore motion and strengthen movements
  • Increase balance and prevent falls
  • Pain management
  • Orthotic/prosthetic training
  • Education and training specific to your illness or injury

Occupational Therapy

  • Training in adaptive or compensatory strategies to restore independence in daily activities
  • Improve coordination in fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Improve safety
  • Joint contracture or deformity management

Speech Therapy

  • Increase communication skills
  • Improve memory
  • Restore cognitive abilities such as problem solving, time management
  • Increase vocal quality
  • Safe feeding and swallowing techniques

Community Outpatient Centers

We have a network of outpatient therapy centers throughout the United States that provide continuity of care for patients who wish to heal within their own towns, or within their own assisted living or independent living communities. If these individuals are unable to come to us, we’ll go to their residence!

Our goal is to provide care and convenience no matter where our patients live.

Aging adults have unique physical, emotional, and cognitive needs – they need to stay active.

Smart Moves offers services that enhance the crucial work that skilled nursing, assisted living, home health and outpatient rehab providers are doing with their patients and residents. One of the advantages of the RehabCare Smart Moves Program is that it’s personalized and customized for your community.  As a provider, you can utilize some or all of the many Smart Moves services:


Fitness Testing:
Includes personal assessments and a Functional Fitness Test with each resident to set goals based on their abilities. We provide continuous monitoring and tracking to help them reach their fitness plans.


Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training:
Includes participatory group fitness classes so residents can exercise while enjoying the social interactions with others. We also include 1:1 personal training for those who prefer a more personal, customized fitness experience.


Safety and Prevention Clinics:
Includes walker, wheelchair, and mobility device clinics that are designed to perform assistive-device screenings and/or referrals to therapy, if appropriate.


“Get Thinking” Cognitive Training Program:
Includes memory exercises (short- and long-term), problem-solving and reasoning, comprehension (auditory/ reading), organization/ planning, swallowing, handwriting and consumer skills.


Educational Programs:
Includes healthy learning lectures, newsletter articles, co-branded promotional materials, safety clinics and bulletin board updates.


Smart Moves Goal-tracking Website:
Includes a customized website designed for all of your Wellness program coordination and tracking.