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    At RehabCare we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to support the education of future healthcare professionals, and we have created a program dedicated to enhancing the learning experience of the student while pairing him or her with a professional therapist for fieldwork and clinical training.

    Our Commitment to Students and Faculty

    We know the best students make the best RehabCare team members. We understand your dedication and the time and investment you have made. That is why we are committed to supporting you throughout your education as well as providing a smooth transition to the working world.

    RehabCare has a Student Programs team fully dedicated to supporting students and schools through programs we offer, including student affiliation program, tuition forgiveness, new grad mentorship, campus lectures and student club sponsorships. Additionally, throughout the year we host and attend student events at schools and with professional organizations across the country.

    Student and Faculty Testimonials:

    “My Clinical Instructor met my goals and expectations by creating an environment that was great for my learning style.”

    Jennifer, PT Student,
    Ohio State University

    “My experience was excellent. The therapist took me in and made me feel like family. I really liked our conference calls.”

    Nancy, OTA Student,
    Baptist Health

    “Clinical Placements at RehabCare facilities provide our students with clinical exposure and practice that relates directly to our classroom teaching. Having students in the Rehab Care facilities benefits clinicians as well by exposing them to new resources and information that students can bring from the classroom. Being a clinical Instructor for a student is a great way to enhance a therapists own skills and give back to the profession.”

    Kristin, Assistant Clinical Professor,
    Northeastern University

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