Marcie Fitzsimmons

    Our physical therapist, Marcie Fitzsimmons is also a certified personal trainer and a certified corrective exercise specialist. She has over 20 years of experience working with patients in acute care settings, outpatient physical therapy clinics as well as doing one on one personal training.

    Whether you are looking rehabilitate an injury, get past a fitness plateau or get back on track after being away from the gym for some time, our trainer can develop a specific plan to meet your individual needs and long term goals.

    Marcie also specializes in working with seniors and geriatric rehabilitation by offering one on one personalized sessions to help restore motion, strength and a greater degree of independence. Staying active means staying independent!


    • Improve function for a more active lifestyle
    • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rate
    • Reduce the risk of injury and falls
    • Increased energy, stamina and metabolism
    • Lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass
    • Improve sleep and ones ability to handle stress
    • Increase cardiovascular endurance
    • Improve self esteem
    • Decrease risk of diseases


    Following an evaluation of a patient's functional abilities, an individualized program is developed which addresses all pertinent areas of concern, which may include patient's mobility, performance of activities, strength and balance, pain management, and personal goals.

    Training sessions are done in our small private gym and typically last one hour.