• Monroe Manor Outpatient Therapy

    Rehabcare continues to be the contract therapy provider at Monroe Manor, a skilled nursing facility, in Paris, Missouri since 2006. The RehabCare team has worked diligently to initiate, and develop an outpatient therapy clinic to benefit the people of our hometown and its surrounding communities. In order to better serve the residents at Monroe Manor and the community, the facility decided to initiate building plans for a new rehab center attached to the nursing facility. This rehab center, located on the west side of Monroe Manor was completed December 2013.

    RehabCare at Monroe Manor’s therapy facility has state of the art set up. There is a full kitchen adapted to work on the skills you need to return to normal functions. The kitchen includes a washer/dryer, sink, counters/cabinets, dishwasher, microwave, range, and refrigerator/freezer. In addition, we have adjustable weight sets, treadmill, elliptical, OmniCycles (ACP), mats and plinths, parallel bars, stairs, private treatment area, private bathroom. This summer, we will be working to develop an outdoor variable surface practice area to prepare patients for return to outdoor recreational and work related activity. Feel free to come in and get a tour to see for yourself!

    Common misconceptions heard from our patients and doctors:  

    • I did not know there were any therapy facilities available in Paris, MO, and thought I would have to drive to a larger town—30 miles away.

      You no longer have to drive long distances to receive therapy services! RehabCare is located on the west side of Monroe Manor. Our front entrance and parking lot can be accessed through the main Monroe Manor entrance

    • I didn’t realize RehabCare at Monroe Manor provided therapy to outpatients.

      We provide inpatient therapy services for the residents of Monroe Manor, and outpatient services for anyone! We accept most insurance providers.

    • I thought I could only go to the therapy location that my Doctor recommended.

      We are working hard to make sure that more doctors know where we are and who we able to serve, however there are still doctors who do not. You can request our facility to your doctor, or if your doctor writes a script for another facility and you would like to come here contact us and we will work with your doctor.

    • I didn’t know RehabCare at Monroe Manor had staff on site full time.

      We have several full time therapists, which want to provide you will a therapy plan that works on your schedule. Flexible scheduling available by appointment, please call for details.

    Services we offer:

    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy


    • Orthopedics
    • Back Pain
    • Pain Management
    • Incontinence (Bladder retraining)
    • Senior Wellness (from general decline in function)
    • Balance Training
    • Vestibular programs
    • Neurological Rehab

    More about us:

    • We are a friendly hometown provider located in Paris, Missouri.
    • We have 2 Physical Therapists (with Doctorates) full-time, 1 FT Physical Therapist Assistant
    • 1 Full time Occupational Therapist, 1 Full Time Occupational Therapy Assistant.
    • We have treatment options for just about any diagnosis, and flexible scheduling.
    • Our therapists want to help develop a customized plan to adapt and overcome limitations.

    If you would like more information on programs or our therapists qualifications, contact us and we will happily provide the information to you!

    Monroe Manor’s website: mmanornh.com