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  • What is Smart Moves?

    Smart Moves is RehabCare's wellness program designed for those who are interested in improving or maintaining their well being and learning about options for a healthier lifestyle.

    Why Wellness?

    Wellness is not just the absence of disease - it can be measured in all aspects of life... body, mind and spirit. Wellness programs like Smart Moves help people improve and maintain their health while working toward their maximum potential.

    Consider these facts:

    • Being physically active can add almost four quality years to your life.
    • Being physically active reduces the incidence of dozens of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.
    • Focusing on gait and balance activities can reduce falls by 40%.
    • Weight-bearing and resistance activities can help prevent osteoporosis.
    • Strength training is effective in improving sleep quality, depression and quality of life.
    • Memory ability can be improved with regular brain stimulating activities.
    • Regular physical activity helps you sustain your ability to live independently.

    Smart Moves

    Led by trained professionals, Smart Moves is designed to promote health and wellness through education and early identification programs.

    The following offerings are designed to help individuals monitor performance in the physical attributes needed for activities of daily living: strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.


    Senior Fitness Test

    Physical fitness is an indicator of ability to perform everyday activities today and in the future. Participation in this standardized test will provide a fitness score, which allows for comparison to others of the same age and gender. A personalized activity plan is then created based on the results and personalized health goals.

    Health Education Classes

    Healthy learning lectures to expand knowledge on numerous health topics are offered. Common topics include:

    • Understanding and Exercising with Osteoporosis
    • Home Safety
    • Understanding Incontinence
    • Fall Prevention
    • Understanding and Exercising with Arthritis
    • Low Vision
    • How to Set Physical Activity Goals
    • And many more

    "Tune-Up" Clinic

    Clinics are offered to help ”tune-up” walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility devices. While attending these clinics, we shine up equipment, make adjustments such as height, provide recommendations on appropriateness, and provide information on receiving a new piece if applicable.

    For more information, Contact Us.

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