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    Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Services

    One area that provides opportunity for hospitals is distinct part rehabilitation units. With a new emphasis being placed on the transition between hospital and home, inpatient rehab units focus offer services to patients who require intensive, short-term rehabilitation care. When managed optimally, inpatient rehab units have the potential to become high-performing centers of excellence, helping patients recover as quickly as possible and improving a hospital’s competitive position in the marketplace.

    The multi-faceted aspects of rehab units require focused expertise. Many units under-perform because operational expertise and resources are difficult to develop and maintain internally. Accessing expertise from a provider who understands all of the regulations and knows how to keep the rehab unit compliant, clinically excellent and operationally strong is now a necessity.

    RehabCare can position your unit for success. With expertise related to census development, clinical programming, operational management, staffing, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, CARF accreditation and patient outcomes, RehabCare will provide your facility with the best model to serve your patients and achieve high performing business goals.

    Management of Rehabilitation Departments

    RehabCare’s partnership models include assisting hospitals with the management of rehabilitation departments serving both the facility’s inpatient and outpatient populations. Our services enhance productivity and program performance through our scheduling, protocol development, program management systems, and our productivity training for existing staff. These programs can complement hospital workers’ compensation programs and occupational medicine initiatives, and provide treatment for patients from any setting.

    RehabCare’s business model is designed to help hospitals broaden the availability of clinical services, provide strong clinical outcomes, lower operational costs and drive a high-performing rehabilitation department.

    Development of Outpatient Business

    RehabCare helps hospitals capture a share of the growing outpatient market demand for rehabilitation services, expand the referral base for the hospital and help stem the loss of volume to competitor freestanding rehabilitation centers. This approach allows hospitals a fresh and proven approach to outpatient development.

    Outpatient rehabilitation services are an essential element required for patients to fully recover from a hospital stay and to return home and stay there. We bring our fully skilled team to deliver turnkey services in developing and managing outpatient programs – from staffing/labor management, compliance, leadership expertise, referral development, clinical programming and operational management.

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