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    RehabCare Featured by Katie Couric for Treatment of Lyme Disease Symptoms
    Oct 10, 2013
    Many caught this video of our patient Kelly Downing, who received months of therapy at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Greenbriar for chronic Lyme disease. Kelly’s emotional story went viral on the Kindred Healthcare Facebook page, garnering 40,000+ likes and more than 95,000 YouTube views to date.

    The video also grabbed the attention of Katie Couric’s daytime show, the Katie Show. Physicians and news outlets alike are increasingly recognizing the prevalence of Lyme disease. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that Lyme disease infects 10 times more Americans than was previously reported. We were thrilled when Couric invited our patient Kelly to share her story on the Katie Show, where Couric educated her audience about Lyme disease symptoms and treatment.

    RehabCare therapists ultimately contributed all three therapies in the treatment of this medically complex patient. The video did not mention speech-language pathology, but as Kelly regained her motor coordination, she unexpectedly presented with a need for speech therapy as well. For the full story about Kelly’s journey and care, visit Kindred’s blog, The Kindred Continuum. Return to News »
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