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  • QualityWise Newsletter

    Each month, we will keep you informed about everything QualityWISE related, including our new Quality Assurance systems, updates on best practices related to quality and compliance, and information related to the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) into which RehabCare recently entered with the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG). Our goal is to provide you information related to these important topics, and in a way that’s easy for you to access and apply to your daily work.

    If you have any questions or concerns related to quality, compliance or the CIA, you can email RehabCareQualityWISE@rehabcare.com, or contact Kindred’s Compliance Department at Compliance@kindred.com. You also may contact the Compliance Hotline at 800.359.7412 to report suspected violations of any federal health care program requirements or Kindred’s policy and procedures.

    Date QualityWISE Focus PDFs
    February 2017 QuaityWISE #11: Using Progress Notes to Document Skilled Service PDF
    January 2017 QualityWISE #10: New PT and OT Evaluation Codes PDF
    November 2016 QualityWISE #9: Conducting Thorough Referral Screens PDF
    October 2016 QualityWISE #8: Documentation and the Audit Process PDF
    September 2016 QualityWISE #7: Developing a Patient-Centered Therapy Treatment Plan PDF
    August 2016 QualityWISE #6: Recent Changes to the CMS Five-Star Nursing Home Quality Rating System PDF
    July 2016 QualityWISE #5: RehabCare's 2015 Outcomes PDF
    June 2016 QualityWISE #4: Fast Fact Friday Topic Roundup PDF
    May 2016 QualityWISE #3: 2016 Training Calendar and Tips for Enhancing the Therapist/Assistant Partnership PDF
    April 2016 QualityWISE #2: RehabCare and the CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System PDF
    March 2016 RehabCare Settlement FAQs PDF
    March 2016 Introducing the QualityWISE Newsletter PDF
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