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  • Why Partner With RehabCare?

    A partnership with RehabCare provides you the opportunity to provide best-in-class rehabilitation therapy services that deliver excellent outcomes, metric measurement of performance and financial efficiency.

    Our goals are to deliver outstanding patient care; assure regulatory compliance; dedicate clinical and operational resources; deliver client and patient satisfaction; and integrate with rehabilitation therapy services provided across the continuum of care to assure consistency.

    RehabCare is part of Kindred Healthcare, the leading diversified post-acute care provider in the United States.

    We Provide:

    • Specialty clinical programs development based your needs
    • National recruiting of therapy staff (by 60-member recruitment team)
    • Early patient assessment for appropriate and timely care
    • Early identification of functional limitations to prevent adverse complications
    • Identification of patients at risk for acute readmissions
    • Individualized plans of care for all patients, including the most medically complex
    • Provision of therapy services and documentation commensurate with regulatory compliance or pay or policies
    • Maximization of therapy staff productivity, with monthly reporting to CEO
    • Tracking and reporting of results for continuous quality improvement
    • Physician education
    • Ongoing training for therapists to ensure high quality of care
    • Guiding of post-acute placement for patient independence and reduction of family/caregiver burden
    • Success stories and outcomes information
    • Joint Commission preparedness resources
    • Extensive support